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Church administration office hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00 am – 12:00 noon.

519-271-1609 Church Office
519-271-1349 Minister’s Office

Email: Parkview United Church


If you have any questions or wish to send any information to this website, please feel free to email any of the following people:


Minister:                                                     Rev. Mary Fletcher

Volunteer Associate Minister:                  Rev. Nancy Wetselaar

Office Administration:                              Judy Braby

Custodian                                                   Ed Koebel

Organist and Choir Director                     Jim Jordan

Chair of Official Board                              Andrew Wybrow

Chair of Stewards:                                    Andrew Wybrow

Chair of Property                                       Ken Roth

Christian Education Chair                        Amy Halls

Clerk of Session                                        Brian Lupton

President of UCW                                     Jane Hynd

Sunday School Superintendents            Hilary Reinecker and Maggie Wybrow

Nursery Supervisor                                  Maggie Wybrow

Treasurers                                                 Mark and Tanya Cook

Junior Youth Group Leaders                  Amy Halls and Angela Vanbruwaene

Senior Youth Group Leader                    Laurel Kowatsch

Website Administration                           Paul Strathdee 

Facebook                                                   Paul Strathdee 

Ministry and Personnel Committee        Marg Engeland

Presbytery Representatives                    Teresa Coulthard and Paul Strathdee