Contact Us

If you have any questions or wish to send any information to this website, please feel free to email any of the following people:

Minister: Rev. Mary Fletcher
Volunteer Associate Minister: Rev. Nancy Wetselaar
Office Administration: Judy Braby
Custodian: Ed Koebel
Organist and Choir Director: Jim Jordan
Chair of Official Board: Andrew Wybrow
Chair of Stewards: Andrew Wybrow
Chair of Property: Ken Roth
Christian Education Chair: James Montgomery
Clerk of Session: Brian Lupton
President of UCW: Jane Hynd
Sunday School Superintendents: Amy Halls and Maggie Wybrow
Nursery Supervisor: Maggie Wybrow
Treasurers: Mark and Tanya Cook
Junior Youth Group Leaders: Amy Halls and Angela Vanbruwaene
Senior Youth Group Leader: Laurel Kowatsch
Website Administration: Kayleigh Kowatsch and Paul Strathdee
Facebook: Paul Strathdee
Ministry and Personnel Committee: Kathryn Roxburgh
Presbytery Representatives: Teresa Coulthard and Paul Strathdee